2019 MEDGE International Dance Day Celebration Featuring Jessaiah Zure – April 13, 2019

This year’s MEDGE International Dance Day Celebration will be a real treat as we are honored to host the dazzling Jessaiah Zure as our featured performer and workshop instructor! Join us 7:00pm at Whirled Pies Downtown on Saturday, April 13 for our Spring Gala Show (admission $7, always family-friendly) and make sure to sign up for Jessaiah Zure’s workshop, Exploring 9/8 Rhythms & Movements:  Regional “Karslimas” vs. Roman Styles.

About Jessaiah Zure

Jessaiah Zure began bellydancing in 1997, studying primarily with Katarina Burda, and later Jamila Salimpour. 2004 began her 10 year journey of living and studying on and off in Istanbul, Turkey where she studied Turkish Roman Dance primarily with Reyhan Tusuz. Jessaiah was Reyhan’s second ever “student” and now her recognition has grown worldwide as she now teaches international travelers in her home. As the years progressed she met more people and danced and studied with many more dancers: professionals, women in the kitchen, Anadolu Atesi dancers and more. The locals in Istanbul were amazed at Jessaiah’s natural familiarity with the music and dance. While  she was there, Jessaiah was a featured dancer at many local events, weddings, shows, written about in newspapers and asked to be in movies as a dancer. Her presence there garnered much attention, as she danced “like a real Roman.” With this she became a well known Roman dancer in Istanbul, and now here in the States as well. She has continued to gain respect for  this form Internationally by dancers and academics alike. Through her years of study, investigation and discovery in this dance style. She has come to see the value of teaching dancers  how to differentiate the “Roman” style from the “Karslima” style. Jessaiah has become aware of the various influences that have shaped dance styles over time. The customs that bloom out of a regions climate, the era, social constructs, and beliefs; the availabilities and scarcities of  spices, materials, dyes, water, sun, food, animals, human rights -all seem to define the cultures of our humanity. This is what she strives to communicate and impart to every student in her path- all of these influences find expression in the pulse, movement , gestures and regional dress. WEBSITE:  https://jessaiah-zure.squarespace.com/jessaiah-zures-mahalle-dance

Workshop • Exploring 9/8 Rhythms & Movement: Regional “Karslimas” vs. Roman Styles

In this workshop, we will explore the music, dance, and movement styles from Old World and Modern Turkish dance.  We’ll dive deep into the various 9/8 rhythms of Turkey, familiarizing ourselves with the different pulses of this rhythm, from various regions and time periods.  How do you count a 9/8 rhythm? How do you find the “1”? What’s the difference between the Turkish Roman and “Karslima” expressions of music, and what does Karslima even mean?  We’ll also explore movements for different 9/8 rhythms and styles. The cultural focus of the workshop will include an introduction to clothing from regional areas, and how to costume as a performer of Karslima or Turkish Roman styles.  This workshop will include a lecture component as well as movement instruction, and the instructor will have CDs for sale ($10 each).

What to bring:

  • Zills
  • Notebook, pen, and a way to record if you want
  • Water bottle

What to wear:

  • Hip scarf that doesn’t make sound
  • Please cover your belly and wear pants or leggings that allow the instructor to see your knees and ankles

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 1:00-4:00 p.m.,  Celebration Belly Dance & Yoga

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*** Online workshop purchase has closed.  If you wish to take the workshop, please pay at the door – thank you! ***