Sarina is a tribal fusion dancer known for her quirky musical choices and her vaudeville style infused in her costuming and dance. Whether she is dancing as an Orion slave dancer at Trek Theatre production, a steampunk performance at Fusion Friendly Events, or to her newest favorite soundtrack at a No Shame Eugene, she has a lot of fun with it.

Sarina has been belly dancing for about 20 years, taking her first dance class with her mother in a little community center while she was a teenager. From that time she moved on to study tribal in Portland at Gypsy Caravan and Euphoria, and tribal fusion with Severina and Znama Studio, as well as with private instructors. While living in Japan, she studied Turkish style belly dance, break dance and salsa, and taught tribal fusion belly dance. Because she has also studied flamenco, tango and Hawaiian hula, these also are infused in her dance. Sarina often draws on moves from other dance styles to meld with belly dance, depending on what feels appropriate with the style of music. Her costuming is often inspired by a theme started by her musical choice, and she makes and sells many of her costumes locally.

Currently Sarina teaches Beginning Tribal Fusion and Intermediate Tribal Fusion at Bob Keefer Center in Springfield. Visit her website for more info on classes, performances or belly dance news.

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