Razia Star

34_Razia_Sept2014_MaaniRazia Star is an internationally renowned bellydancer with over a decade of professional experience under her hip belt. She was introduced to the dance form in 1998 and quickly became obsessed, leading her to take every opportunity possible to study, perform, and eventually compete.

Razia enjoyed many opportunities to travel in her early years and spent 2009-2014 living in London with her (now) husband. While in the UK, she enjoyed a fruitful dance career and had the honor of teaching for two of the region’s most popular bellydance schools, being a featured guest artist at numerous dance festivals in the UK and Europe, and studying with respected Middle Eastern musicians and dance instructors.

Now residing back ”home” in Eugene, Razia is an active member of the local bellydance community and continues to passionately study her beloved art form. She offers weekly classes for all levels, as well private coaching, workshops, and performances. For Razia, bellydance is a constant source of joy and self-discovery, and she looks forward to the next adventure!

See www.raziastardance.com for more information.