Idena Suzanne

Idena Suzanne is a performer, choreographer, and instructor of Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi and Oriental Dance) from Medford, Oregon. She embodies Grace, Power, and Joy, and she shows a range of stories through her dance. Her smile is lively and her humor is apparent in her performances.

As a dance instructor, she systematically introduces each movement in its most simple form. She gently adds variations that give each student a usable vocabulary of belly dance steps and combinations after a session. She is dedicated to teaching healthy dance habits, such as fluid movements and correct alignment that cause women to feel great during and after a dance class, private lesson, or workshop. Idena teaches a number of workshops and is available to visit your community and share all she has learned.

Idena has been studying Belly Dance since 1995, with local and top-tier instructors, including Mustafa BooriyaRanda Kamel and Mohamed Shahin. She has also studied with Sahra Saeeda and taken Journey through Egypt levels 1 through 4, which includes dance study and performance in Egypt. She has been a dancer, choreographer, and producer for multiple theater productions and dance events. Idena was director of Tasseled Camel Belly Dance Troupe (2005-2012) and is currently artistic director of Medford’s Grace Power Joy Dance Company. As a soloist or with her GPJ sisters, she livens up many festivals and celebrations with her artistry and moxie.

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