donainstructorDona has studied and performed Middle Eastern dance since 2001. She was drawn to the complex rhythms, tempo and mood of the music from this region, and has since immersed herself in the study, primarily of classical and modern Egyptian styles.

Dona understands the importance of preserving the music, dance and culture of the Middle East. She seeks to share her love, respect and knowledge of Middle Eastern dance with others. With years of dedication to this beautiful art form, Dona’s constant study has given her both a lovely technique and a wealth of information.

Dona is a thorough and thoughtful instructor who recognizes the importance of a solid technical foundation for movement, and generously shares her knowledge with her students. Her beginning level classes will include instruction on posture, form, technique, isolations, walks, arms and hands, finger cymbals, combinations, shimmies, taksim and introduction to rhythms and musicality.

In addition to teaching and studying, Dona practices and performs regularly with the professional troupe, Ja’La Nour, of Eugene, Oregon.


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