Ana Gazelle

Ana Gazelle instructor

Ana Gazelle has been studying and performing Middle Eastern dance since 1992. She studied predominately with Samisha Shami through classes and troupe work with the Shami Mir Dance ensemble. In addition to studying and performing, Ana Gazelle has a history of teaching weekly classes and an occasional workshop.  Her preference for music is classic Arabic – (Wahab, Om Kalsoum, Hafez).

Ana Gazelle wants to share her knowledge and love of Middle Eastern Dance with others. She strives to create beauty in movement and experiences of joy that come with expressing self through movement and music. Classes will include lessons on form, technique, structure, combinations, basic movements, walks, turns, arms and hands, shimmies, toxim, veil, expression and music.

Call Ana Gazelle at (541) 729-5211 for information regarding classes, or