Ann Shaffer

Photo by Phoebus-Foto

Ann Shaffer has been dancing for over 16 years, studying a diverse range of styles including Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Turkish oriental, American cabaret, Turkish Rom folkloric, North African folkloric, American Tribal Style® (ATS®), and tribal fusion bellydance.  An avid performer, she performs throughout the Pacific Northwest as a fusion soloist and as a member of Troupe Tribalation.  Ann has a decade of experience teaching bellydance (focusing on ATS®, group tribal improvisation, and tribal fusion styles), and in 2017 she became a certified teacher of Rachel Brice’s Datura Style‚™ format.  

As a classically-trained musician, Ann has a deep sense of musicality in her dancing and loves helping students learn to understand what the music tells them.  She found bellydance to be a gateway to loving movement, and has been inspired to study other dance and movement forms that have broadened her somatic awareness, including flamenco, West African dance, hip hop, modern dance, Pilates, and yoga.  Ann’s primary teachers in bellydance include Donna Carlton, Angie Dintaman, Bette Lucas, Sabine, and Rachel Brice; other important teachers and influences include Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, Amel Tafsout, John Compton, and Donna Mejia.