International Dance Day

MEDGE 2020 International Dance Day Celebration Featuring Shaunti Fera

The MEDGE 2020 International Dance Day Celebration is not to be missed as we are proud to host Shaunti Fera as our featured performer and workshop instructor! Join us at 7:00 pm at Whirled Pies Downtown on Saturday 11 April 2020 for our Spring Gala Show (admission $7, always family-friendly).  In addition to Shaunti’s playful and upbeat Egyptian style dancing, the April show will feature dances from the Middle East along with a few invited guest performers showcasing dances from other parts of the world. MEDGE is currently accepting proposals for Middle Eastern dance performances at the show.  See the signup form if you are interested.

Shaunti Fera is a performer and enthusiast of Egyptian Raks Sharki.  She has spent over a decade specializing in wedding entertainment for Middle Eastern communities in Southern Shaunti FeraCalifornia.  In addition to being an experienced soloist, she has had the honor of dancing with various professional dance companies under the direction of Laura Crawford, Kamala Almanzar, Zahra Zuhair, Adam Basma, and Aubre Hill.  From 2008-2017, she was co-director of Sababa Dance Company of Los Angeles alongside her dance partner Nar. Shaunti currently performs in Portland and joyfully collaborates with the Raqs Ayana Collective.

Shaunti’s dancing is infused with her lifelong dance training from various traditions including ballet, modern, African, Balinese, tango, and salsa. Her performances are typically upbeat, playful, and lighthearted.

Melaya Leff Workshop

In addition to performing at the MEDGE International Dance Day Celebration, Shaunti Fera will be teaching a Melaya Leff Workshop.

Join Shaunti Fera for this guided exploration of Egyptian dance with the melaya leff. The melaya is a modesty wrap from the delta region of Egypt. It worked its way into theatrical dance through the works of Mahmoud Reda and black-and-white films featuring the dancers of the Golden Era. Since then, various dancers from Egypt and beyond have incorporated this accessory into their Raks Sharki performances in a plethora of ways, some paying homage to the visionaries who first used the melaya in theatrical performance, and some evolving the dance to incorporate a variety of twirls and wraps. Attend this workshop to learn how to incorporate the melaya leff into your Raks Sharki creations. Shaunti will present various wrapping methods, the tactile mechanics for transitioning through various drapes, techniques for several types of twirls, and use of the melaya for framing Baladi and Raks Sharki combinations to boost visual appeal. But most importantly, come ready to dance! Although this is a melaya leff workshop, combos will include hip work, travel steps, Reda-inspired vignettes, and Baladi grooves.

$40 for MEDGE members, $45 for non-members (advance sign-up to close at noon on Friday, April 10th)
$50 for MEDGE members, $55 for non-members on the day of the workshop

Each participant will need a melaya.  They may be purchased in advance ($25) to be picked-up at the workshop.  You may also reserve a free loaner melaya for the workshop or bring your own.

Click here to register for the workshop and optionally purchase a melaya.