Belly Dance Soul Fire, Featured at 8th Annual Fall Festival, 10/2011

Belly Dance Soulfire is an innovative collective of established and professional solo artists that have come together to synergistically create a shared vision. They draw on all of their various performance backgrounds and life experiences to bring you their heartfelt and passionate signature “Soulfire Style” They serve as groundbreaking pioneers dedicated to elevating and expanding the Sacred Art of Belly Dance along with helping it to gain a legitimate and well deserved place in the artistic world and entrainment industry.

Their work comes to you with integrity and love, they hope to inspire all to embrace and accept all forms of beauty, help women to feel more comfortable in their skin, and to promote cultural awareness and global healing

Their dedication and commitment to Belly Dance will hopefully help all to realize and experience the magic and power of this ancient and magnificent art form.

The beautiful dancers of Belly Dance Soul Fire include Sedona, Claudia, Karolina and Shara:

Sedona has been a performing artist all of her life. She attended the Diedre Hawkins School of Dance for five years and is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the first acting school in the United States. At both schools she studied various forms of classical and social dance including Ballet, Jazz, Jitterbug, Charleston, Soft Shoe, Minuet and the Waltz. In 2002, she completed a year-long apprenticeship with The Koa Blue Dance Company in Maui, Hawaii performing mostly Modern Dance. Her monumental discovery of Belly Dance rejuvenated and inspired her dancing spirit. The Sacred Art of Belly Dance has given her the perfect channel to express her innermost self and creative vision.

Claudia is a dynamic dancer that has entertained audiences for more than nine years. Her intense passion for Middle Eastern Dance has inspired her to train with top instructors as she continues to elevate and form her own style. She has traveled to Lebanon to study with master dancers and keep up on current Middle Eastern dance trends. Claudia performs regularly in the Portland area, she is known for her amazing smile and unique musical interpretation. She has been delighted to teach other enthusiasts this beautiful and sensual art and is honored to be one of the dancers working hard to elevate the art to new heights and help it in its growth and evolution.

Karolina is known for her creative diversity of performance styles, the newest member of Bellydance Soulfire is Karolina, of San Francisco, CA. Karolina found bellydance after initially receiving training in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern, swing, blues, and salsa, and working extensively in theater and music. In addition to a profession in Middle Eastern dance, this young, up-and-coming artist seeks to combine her passion for all performance art in a variety of settings, ranging from hip-hop and house shows, to tribal fusion and burlesque revues. In addition, she has developed her own unique brand of trumpet-bellydance fusion, “Belly Brass” which she shocks audiences with everywhere.

Shara’s extensive and well-rounded training as a professional dancer makes her a much sought after teacher, performer and workshop presenter. She has trained with some of the best instructors and dance schools in the world including bellydance legends Raqia Hassan and Suhaila Salimpour, world-renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Broadway stars Andy Blankenbuehler and Maria Torres whose work has been featured on the Fox hit TV series “So You Think You Can Dance”.

MEDGE offers regular monthly shows the third Friday of each month at The Strand/Cozmic Pizza, 8th & Charnelton in Eugene, OR.  Shows are family-friendly.  8:30 p.m., $5 suggested donation.