Featuring Julie – September 18, 2015


Julie Julie has been studying and performing belly dance for many years. Originally from the SF Bay Area, she studied with Katarina Burda, Jamilla and Suhaila Salimpour, and became a long-time student of Rashid Tom Ryan, a protégé of Jamilla and member of Troupe Bal Anat. During that time she performed regional and folkloric style dances in troupe settings at festivals, restaurants, and fairs on the streets of SF.

It has been a long journey since then. “In those days the Bagdad and the Casbah cabarets on Broadway Street in SF were still open, and we would go see dancers do 45 minute sets to live music. The scene and dance styles were very different than today.” she remembers.

Julie has drawn from many different teachers and dancing styles since then, and has traveled widely on the West Coast from her home in Northernmost CA to study this rich culture of music and dance that she she considers to be among the most beautiful of art forms and the ultimate expression of self.

While studying with Aziza and Astryd Farah, she fell in love with Egyptian style dance, and has pursued it with a passion, learning from many teachers: Amina Goodyear, Leila Farid of Cairo, Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, Shareen El Safy, Soraya Ziad, to name a few. More recently, her love has turned especially to baladi and accordion baladi progression.

Julie continues regular dance studies with Terry del Giorno and loves the opportunity to perform in the SF Bay to live music, most recently at Al Masri with the Pasha band, as well as at MEDGE events.