Jamara – Featured February 2014 – Seventh Annual Alternative Night

MEDGE monthly shows are held at Cozmic, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene, Oregon. Our show starts at 8:30, is always family friendly and only $5 admission. Come on down and enjoy an evening of dance with live music jam before and after (8pm & 10:30pm)!

JamaraJamara has been dancing since the age of four. Seventeen years ago, belly dancing became her passion. Before stepping foot into her first belly dance class, she had never seen a belly dancer or even heard Middle Eastern music. As a first-time mother, she needed some enjoyable exercise to get back into shape. Mezdulene saw her passion and guided her through a fantastic journey of competitions, travel and growth. That guidance from Mezdulene continued with many years of encouragement and energy, transforming Jamara into a confident dancer.

As time passed, Jamara began to evolve and create her own unique style. She now uses her background in Ballet to help bring her music to life and tell a story to captivate her audience.

A multi-award winning dancer and instructor, Jamara does her best to create a magical experience on stage by blending movement, expression and the universal language of music into one. She continues to experiment and push the limits using props or alternative costuming to bring life and breath into her pieces. No two performances are the same, each one having its own journey or purpose or just plain fun.

Come join MEDGE at Cozmic and enjoy Jamara’s unique performance as our featured dancer for MEDGE’s Seventh Annual Alternative Night, along with performances by other talented dancers!