Princess Farhana and Issam Houshan – 2014 MEDGE International Dance Day Celebration – April, 2014

MEDGE monthly shows are held at Cozmic, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene, Oregon. Our show starts at 8:30, is always family friendly and only $5 admission. Come on down and enjoy an evening of dance with live music jam before and after (8pm & 10:30pm)! Contact MEDGE at or 541-556-9364.

On April 18, 2014 MEDGE presents two incredible, internationally known and beloved artists – Princess Farhana and Issam Houshan! The duo will perform as the featured act in the MEDGE Spring Gala show the evening of Friday, April 18 at Cozmic, and will be presenting a total of four workshops on Saturday, April 19!

Princess Farhana and Issam HoushanPrincess Farhana is known for her exquisite technique-including her mind-boggling abdominal work and skills with balanced props. With dramatic stage presence and theatrical flair, The Princess is Egyptian-trained (by Zahra Zuhair and Raqia Hassan in addition to many others) but is also a high-concept fusion performer, and travels constantly performing and teaching workshops all over the globe. In addition to her live performances, she has been featured on many Oriental Dance compilation DVDs, acted in motion pictures, music videos and television shows and has been featured in dance documentary films.

Issam Houshan was born in Syria and emigrated to the U.S. 24 years ago. He had formal music training in the Damascus Academy of Music and went on to drum for a host of Arab music stars and famous bellydancers. He is also the only remaining disciple of the legendary Arab drum master Mahmood Salahadeen. He has performed with Sting on the Grammy’s and with the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS in over 400 shows in 16 countries. Issam’s background, training and experience have made him in huge demand for drum tutorials and workshops.

Workshop Information

Two workshops will be co-instructed by Princess Farhana and Issam on Saturday, April 19, 2014: Eastern Music for Western Dancers and Drum Solo Dynamics. In addition, Princess Farhana will teach a workshop on stage make up and Issam will teach a drum workshop. All workshops will be held at StaverDanceSport, 41 E. 16th Ave., Eugene, OR.

10-12am Eastern Rhythms, Western Dancers

Cost: $45 MEDGE Members / $55 Non-members*

Eastern Rhythms, Western Dancer

Do you know Saidi from Semai? Karachi from Chiftetelli? What’s the difference between Masmoudi Kabir and Masmoudi Saghir? Don’t wonder any more- you’re about to learn to identify and recognize the rich rhythms of Arabic songs. Issam will demystify the complex structure of Arabic music and its various rhythms, breaking everything down in an enjoyable yet comprehensive way. Princess Farhana will teach short combinations for each time signature, which will help you to feel a personal connection to the music as well as gaining the skills to “illustrate” it with your body.

Open to all levels and styles of belly dance

1:30-3:30pm Drum Solo Synergy

Cost: $45 MEDGE Members / $55 Non-members*

Synergy: Two people or things working together to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.
Princess Farhana and master percussionist Issam Houshan will reveal the process that creates explosive on-stage chemistry between the dancer and the drummer that will have the audience on the edge of their seats. The workshop begins with an overview of commonly used drum solo patterns, followed by short combinations and accent movements that complement the different sounds a tabla or doumbek creates. You will learn how to hear phrases, anticipate rhythmic changes, use eye contact, cues and intuition to spontaneously create an extraordinary improvised drum solo.
Open to all levels and styles of belly dancers and/or drummers

4-5pm Exotic Eyes: Stage Make Up  With Princess Farhana

Cost: $25 MEDGE Members / $30 Non-members*
The eyes are the window to the soul, and  the most expressive feature on the face. In this workshop, you’ll learn  to make the most of your peepers with performance pretty eye make up. We’ll go over flattering effects for every shape and  color of eyes, and go into  different applications for various venues. Eyelash application will be  demystified, you’ll learn quick and  effective tips and tricks for lush lashes in the blink of an eye!

** Please bring your own make up and applicators and a pair of two of false eyelashes.

4-5pm Drumming with Issam Houshan

Cost: $25 MEDGE Members / $30 Non-members*

Join Issam Houshan for an hour of drumming tips and techniques from this incredibly talented professional! More details will be posted here as they become available.

Three-workshop Combo Special!

Register for both of the two-hour workshops and one of the solo workshops (three workshops total) for the discounted price of $105 for MEDGE Members and $130 for non-members!*

*Not a member? Join the guild! Membership is only $20/year.

MEDGE Spring 2014 Workshop Registration Form

A Special Message To MEDGE From Princess Farhana and Issam!