Nicole, Featured March, 2013

Nicole - March Featured PerformerNicole has been infatuated with Middle Eastern dance since she began studying it in 2007 under the instruction of Dona Mittasch and Mary Lingo. This was her first experience with any kind of formal study of dance. She was captivated by the more internal movements of belly dance in comparison to the external movements of other dance forms. Since then she has studied with Salomé Bahar, Amani, Heather, Sabine and Elena Villa, as well as with a variety of visiting workshop instructors.

In 2008, Nicole performed her first solo at the MEDGE student show. She wore a homemade costume and danced to “Raks Al Dunya” by George Abdo, performing choreography by her teacher Mary. That evening, she was reminded of how much she loved performing. She had been heavily involved in theater throughout her childhood and, to this day, gives credit to her high school drama club for keeping her engaged enough to stick it out and graduate. After the student show in 2008, she committed herself to study as much as she could so she could perform as often as she wanted.

Aside from being a total junkie for the “good nerves” that can only be found on stage, Nicole has fallen deeply in love with Middle Eastern music and dance for its own sake. She has found a lot of joy in moving through space under the guidance of captivating music. Though she has dabbled in Tribal and folkloric styles, she’s found a secure home in Raks Sharki and feels most inspired by the drama and emotion of the modern Egyptian style.

These days, Nicole can be seen performing in Amani’s student troupe “Raks Zeina”, at the monthly shows at Cozmic, occaisonally as part of the opening act for No Shame Eugene, and pretty much anywhere else she can.

Nicole looks forward to many many more years of study and she is honored to be a part of the world’s oldest dance form.