Artemis – International Dance Day Celebration, Featured April 2013

Photo by Carl Miller
Photo by Carl Miller

MEDGE is pleased and excited to welcome Elizabeth Artemis Mourat as featured dancer for our International Dance Day Celebration Gala Show starting at 8:30pm April 19th, at Cozmic in Eugene. In addition to her perfomance in the show, Artemis will be giving two incredible workshops that Saturday and Sunday (see details below).

Artemis is a master teacher who has been dancing, teaching and researching dance history in the United States and abroad for over 40 years. Being of Greek and Turkish descent, she fuses her love of these cultures with a strong academic knowledge and dance technique. She brings her spirited and articulate approach to workshops which incorporate information about the history and cultures that generate the dances she teaches. Artemis believes that we can all use art to build bridges across cultures.

A contributor to many publications, Artemis has taught and lectured all over the globe. Her field research in ancient dance, Middle Eastern dance and Romany (Gypsy) dance has included extensive travels to Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Egypt and Greece. She has attended Romany Festivals in France, Turkey and Romania, and has collected wonderful video footage of Roma people in which they are dancing, celebrating and experiencing everyday life.

Artemis is listed in the International Dance Council (CID) Who’s Who of Dance. She has won the “Ethnic Dancer of the Year Award”, presented by the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED), and the “Most Popular Ethnic Dancer Award” from Zaghareet Magazine twice, along with their “Lifetime Achievement Award.” She brings her deep knowledge and appreciation of dance, music and culture into every class and workshop, to share this love with her students.

Spring Show

Friday, April 19, 2013 – (Our normal 3rd Friday), 8:30 p.m., Cozmic, 199 West 8th Ave, (8th & Charnelton) in Eugene, OR.


Workshops with Artemis will be held at  Staver Dance Sport, 41 E. 6th Ave. in downtown Eugene. Download registration form here.

Turkish Romany (Gypsy) Dance, History and Culture Intensive!

Saturday, April 20, 10am–12pm, 1pm–4pm (5-hour Intensive w/ break at noon)

In this 5-hour workshop intensive, Artemis separates fact from fiction about Turkish Romany “Gypsy” dance, history and culture. Learn the difference between the karsilama and the Romany 9/8 rhythms and practice authentic gestures, short and snappy combinations, and energetic steps for dancing to both slow and fast versions of the 9/8. Throughout the intensive, Artemis will bring in Turkish and Romany history, DVD footage, and costuming information to make a rich and varied learning experience. Delve into beautiful, wild Romany dance with a master teacher: Elizabeth Artemis Mourat!

American Cabaret Style Belly Dance: Vintage Orientale!

Sunday, April 21, 10:30am–12:30pm

Vintage Orientale: Think 60’s style belly dance! The costumes were lavish (and skimpy!), the dance was hot, and the dancer always did a 5- or 7-part set that could include zils, veil, fast Turkish styling, multiple rhythm changes, floorwork, and more! This workshop includes the history of this vivacious and legitimate style of belly dancing, performance-ready combinations, and the elements of a typical multi-part show.