Emily Alrick, Featured March 2012

Emily is a professional performer and instructor known for her crisp technique and expressive stage presence. In addition to her solo work she is also the director and choreographer of Circus Tribal Dance Company from Southern Oregon. She is currently Level 3 certified in Suhaila Salimpour’s format and in addition to her studies at SSSD she continues to study both classical and ethnic dance. With a life-long passion for art and dance she strives to present performances that are educated, thoughtful and unique. Emily is dedicated to a life of learning as a dancer and will always be a student of the art form. She spreads her love for dance through teaching and performing.

Emily performs regularly solo, and with the Circus Tribal Bellydance Company. She can be seen dancing with Middle Eastern music bands, with her students at haflas (dance parties), at arts and dance festivals and at private parties. Her unique style not only encompasses the many styles of Middle Eastern and North African dance, but also embraces the many inspi- rations within American culture, creating a dance that can be old or new, ethnic or urban, something for everyone.

MEDGE offers regular monthly shows the third Friday of each month at The Strand/Cozmic Pizza, 8th & Charnelton in Eugene, OR.  Shows are family-friendly.  8:30 p.m., $5 suggested donation.