Alfredo, featured July 2012

Alfredo has been dancing since 1980, having been inspired by the music of the Brothers of the Baladi, back when he and they lived in Grants Pass.

Since then he has performed and taught workshops, classes and private lessons across the US and Western Canada.

As time went on he developed a strong interest in dances from Iran, The Caucasus, and Uzbekistan as well as in the music of those areas.

He has always had a strong interest in the mystical side of dance and music having had a love for Sufism, ever since it was invented!

His love for the music brought him to learning to sing and play music. He plays doumbek, frame drum, oud, saz, Persian Tar, Kyrgyz and… the Appalachian dulcimer. The singing and his interest in the cultures led him to study Turkish, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Tajik, bringing him to a place where he translates Sufi poetry and songs from Turkey and Central Asia. His favorite poets to translate are Babarahim Mashrab (1700’s) of (what is now) Uzbekistan and Yunus Emre (1200’s) from Turkey.

For Alfredo, the most important part about dance (and music) is the joy and the life that comes through when we shine in the ways that each of us can shine as a person expressing ourselves…

Above all he feels that he wants to inspire others in their dance, just as he was inspired by the dancers he was seeing that inspired him to start.

MEDGE offers regular monthly shows the third Friday of each month at Cozmic, 8th & Charnelton in Eugene, OR.  Shows are family-friendly.  8:30 p.m., $5 suggested donation.