Christine Moon, featured 2/11, 4th Annual Alternative Night

“If I have something to say about dance it’s that dance is like art and not unlike life, the philosophy is the same. It’s important to experiment and grow once one is solidly rooted, for dance that means being rooted in technique. That’s why Fusion Belly dance is so rewarding, because it is the avenue for change, possibility, and experimentation. Perpetual motion and perpetual learning are all wrapped up in one sexy package.”

“My history with Tribal Belly dance and Fusion Belly dance spread over an 11 year span. Recently I stopped dancing while teaching in South Korea and returning state side to start a business. In the last couple of months I have worked towards performing and teaching dance once again while practicing yoga. It’s been a pleasure to reignite the flame and uncover my dance memory. Having studied and performed with Gypsy Caravan from Portland, Oregon, it took a lot of time to grow into my own dance person once I left. Becoming a dance instructor helped me find the grounding force for this new development. Standing at the cusp of something unknown is frightening, but also rewarding beyond expectations.”  -Christine Moon

MEDGE offers regular monthly shows the third Friday of each month at The Strand/Cozmic Pizza, 8th & Charnelton in Eugene, OR.  Shows are family-friendly.  8:30 p.m., $5 suggested donation.