Narmira – featured 9/10

narmirafd0910Narmira first became enamored with Middle Eastern music and dance in 1990 at a birthday party. The performer was Bianca and became Narmira’s first teacher. A friend from class said there was a belly dance show in Eugene that Friday. It happened to be one of MEDGE’s first shows. It was at Delbert’s Cafe. The music and performers were mesmerizing! Paradise Dance Studio was located in the same building. Samisha offered Middle Eastern dance at Paradise. Samisha became her next teacher and mentor.

Narmira studied with Samisha for several years and then joined The Shami Mir Dance Ensemble in 1996, of which Samisha was it’s director. The ensemble had many wonderful experiences. They performed from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, California at the first International Middle Eastern conference and many other prestigious venues.   Since the ensemble, Narmira has been dancing with Lola and Annette’s dance group, Ja La Nour.

Narmira says, “even after this 20 year journey, my heart and spirit are still on fire for the love of the dance and music”.  Thanks to my teachers, friends and MEDGE as my journey continues in dance.

MEDGE offers regular monthly shows the third Friday of each month at The Strand/Cozmic Pizza, 8th & Charnelton in Eugene, OR.  Shows are family-friendly.  8:30 p.m., $5 suggested donation.