Mystical Oasis, featured 9/09

mysticoasisfd0909Mystical Oasis Dance Company is based in Sutherlin, Oregon, and we are true sisters of the dance. Our members include, Mezdulene, Jasel, Masahti and Azuul Khayal. Mezdulene is our director, the editor of Jareeda, the oldest belly dance publication in existence, and the owner of the Mystical Oasis Dance Studio and a store called Mezdulene’s Oasis.  Jasel is our troupe vampire, drawing blood during her day job.  She is also famous for being Jaselvis, the belly dancing Elvis, and she reminds us how to have fun when we start to get too serious. Masahti, a high school English teacher, competes with Mez on how many irons they can fit in the fire at once as she juggles work, motherhood of two small daughters, dance and theatre.  Her strength of character and nurturing compassion bring a healthy balance to our group.  Azuul Khayal, is our youngest member, and is a waitress and college student.  She is known for her unique Goth style of belly dance, and brings to the group the freshness of youth and enthusiasm.  We are as diverse a group as you can imagine, and together we create something unique and blissful.

Beginning in 2000, Mystical Oasis Dance Company has danced throughout the Northwest at various events including benefits, festivals and shows. We also sponsor Belly Dancer USA each year in June, a big undertaking but very rewarding. We have danced together through joy as well as sorrow. Our troupe practice is a safe and sacred space, and we are often a therapeutic support group as well as a dance troupe, as we all come together on a weekly basis and share our lives as well as the dance. We are a family, and we love sharing the delight of dance with each other as well as with our audiences.