Amani – featured 11/09

amanifd11-09Amani started her professional belly dance career in Osaka, Japan, where along with teaching, she performed at special events, festivals, restaurants and weddings. She made numerous television appearances and traveled throughout Japan bringing this beautiful art form to countless Japanese audiences.

In 1993 she began studying under Nashwa, an accomplished Egyptian dancer and teacher ( Amani took annual trips to Cairo, Egypt to study Raqs al Sharqi (Oriental Dance) with world-renowned instructors and choreographers Mahmoud Reda and Raqia Hassan. She also studied privately with world-famous dancers Dina, Aida Nour and Dandash. Her studies solidified a firm grounding in Egyptian-style belly dance and ignited a passion for Raqs al Sharqi that clearly shines through in her performances.

When Amani takes the stage, her graceful movements and the warmth of her smile captures the hearts of her audience. Her smooth undulations, flowing hip work and exquisite shimmies weave a mesmerizing spectacle as she interprets the intricate rhythms and melodies of Egyptian music with deep and heart-felt emotion.

Amani is currently the house belly dancer at Greek Paradise Restaurant. ( She performs every Friday night between 6:30 – 8:00 pm. She also teaches privately. Contact Amani regarding performances and lessons at