Claudia – featured performer for Fall Festival – October, 2009

claudiafdff1009Widely regarded as one of the most expressive and naturally gifted dancers in the Pacific Northwest, Claudia has devoted over ten years in the pursuit of the passionate, musical and technical living art-form that is Middle Eastern Belly Dance.

Beginning with the instruction of the illustrious Ruby Sowder and continuing with instruction from world-renowned instructors such as Amani, Aziza and Hadia, Claudia has developed a style, technique and understanding of Middle Eastern Belly Dance which combines their knowledge and philosophy into one distinctively her own.

As a member of Raks Awalim, Claudia has been integral in the creation and instruction of choreography which awarded them 1st Place in the 2007 Belly Dance USA and 2008 Belly Dancer of the Year Troupe Competition.

Additionally, as a member of Belly Dance Soulfire, her duo placed as the Belly Dancer of the Universe 2009 group champion.

Along with being an avid performer, Claudia is an accomplished instructor and choreographer. Expanding her contribution to dancers and non-dancers alike, she hopes to inspire understanding and appreciation of this enchanting and wondrous art-form.