Ramziyah – Featured 3/09

ramziyahfd0309Ramziyah is from the Corvallis area and has been studying Middle Eastern Dance for over twelve years. She feels very blessed to have studied with one of the area’s most distinguished instructors, Joanna Kameal, whom she learned what grace and beauty are all about. There have been so many outstanding influences along the way, but it’s her beautiful friends in dance that keep her coming back.

Ramziyah has shared the stage with such talent as the late great Joseph Pusey and the always-inspiring Americanistan. She can be seen performing regularly at the Old World Deli in Corvallis.

Many styles of dance are found in Ramziyah’s steps but her true love is the veil. She uses the flowing fabric to extend her energy of the music. Whether flirty, sassy, or coy, Ramziyah is always a joy to see perform as she becomes immersed in the dance.