Sakari – featured 9/08

SAKARI: Featured Performer September 19, 2008

Sakari, despite never hav ing seen a belly dancer before, had the great good fortune to begin learning the craft from Jamara, an award – winning dancer known for her grace, tremendous musicality, and exquisite technical skills. Avidly attending every class (and eventually taking workshops from, among many others, Ziola, Sabine, Razia, and Amel Tafsout), Sakari was delighted at the range of styles available in Middle Eastern dance. Shortly after debuting with Jamara’s class at the MEDGE Fall Festival in 2005, she began also taking Tribal Improv classes with Tara Anya, another wonderfully gifted dancer who moves audiences with her great joy in the dance. Tara Anya soon created Tahara Tribe, which became the flagship troupe for Sahara at Seven Studio, owned and run by Susan Blanchard, and invited Sakari to join. When Jamara moved from Roseburg to Eugene, Susan asked Sakari to begin teaching classes;  she agreed, hesitantly, but has found that teaching the dance is possibly her strongest skill in the craft.

Ever interested in the various pure styles of belly dance, Sakari cleaves to none; she expects it to take years to truly find her own dance “‘voice”.  In the meantime she hopes to inspire other women to dance:  “Some dancers make audience members say, ‘Wow–I could never do that!’  I want to make them think ‘Hey…..maybe I could do that!”