Razia – featured 1/08

RAZIA: Featured Dancer January 18, 2008

Razia is an award-winning professional belly dancer who has dedicated nearly a decade to the development of her art. With captivating stage presence and a bewitching smile, Razia artfully blends grace, passion, and musicality with rich tradition in her performances. She dances in theatrical productions, fundraisers, nightclubs, restaurants, cultural events, and weddings in in the United States and abroad, as well as participating in national belly dance competitions. She holds titles including:

2006: “First Place (People’s Choice) Professional Category”, Belly Dancer USA Competition.
2004: “Professional Belly Dancer of the Year”, MED&CA Competition.

A warm and engaging instructor, Razia strives to make each class a unique experience for her students, stressing the importance of excellent technique as well as personal expression and joy. She has earned accolades for her technical proficiency, musicality, and ability to clarify movements for students. http://www.raziadance.com