Rare Gems – featured 7/08

The Rare Gems, Salome’ and Zahia, have been dancing together since 2000 when they were members of The Shami Mir Dance Ensemble. When the group disbanded late in the summer of 2001, they decided to stick together and pursue their love of Middle Eastern dance. Since then, “The Gems” have danced at MEDGE events, the Winter Solstice Goddess Celebrations at the WOW Hall, The Asian Festival, as well as Saqra’s Showcase in Portland. Both dancers have studied from several local teachers over the past seven years, and plan on continuing to learn and grow as dancers. While their chosen genre leans toward Egyptian Cabaret, they also love the folkloric, Bedouin and tribal styles. “We’ll dance anything at least once!” to Salome’ and Zahia, the true beauty of this art form is its ability to bring women of all shapes, ages, styles and backgrounds together as sisters in dance, and experience the pure joy of movement to music.