Raven – December 19, 2008

CANCELED due to weather – look for Raven in 2009!

Raven grew up attending the Oregon Country Fair every summer huddled with other grubby kids at the Gypsy Stage mesmerized by the sparkle and jingle. One of the dancers that enchanted her youth, Joanna Kameal, became her first teacher and main influence. Kameal taught the art of being present and centered in dance, a technique Raven has been able to carry into her daily life. Kameal also introduced her to her improvisational dancing accompanied by live music. Raven later studied Egyptian style with Astryd de Michele, from whom she learned to love the technical side of the dance. After studying in Paris with Mayodi and Fatima Chakor in 2003-2004, Raven returned to Oregon and began teaching in Newport, Oregon. As well as performing and teaching dance, Raven loves to watch other dances, delighting in the individual expression that each dancer brings to their interpretation of the dance.