Volunteering at FF11


There are four main volunteer areas: Emcee, Backstage Managing, Door, and DJing. We will also need a few people who are willing to check people in for workshops, and a few people to just generally help Lila and the backstage managers by going back and forth between Cozmic Pizza and Studio B (where the dressing rooms will be this year) to make sure we’re on schedule, etc. Lila will need volunteers from 12:00 p.m. all the way until the evening show is over – around 10:00 p.m. – so there are lots of spots to fill! Here’s the breakdown on these positions:

Backstage Manager: Volunteer(s) will be mostly in the dressing room of Studio B. Volunteer(s) are responsible for collecting the music and emcee cards of all the performers during your shift and getting them to the DJ and emcee at least 10-15 minutes before that performer goes on (if possible). You will make sure that the music has a post-it note on it with the following info: Name, time of performance, track #, and starting on/off stage. There will be signs about all this posted there to help you out. The emcee card needs to be filled out with their name and time, as well as with some of the suggested topics posted by MEDGE. This is overall a fairly easy position, basically just making sure people are prepared with their music and write-ups. Lindsey will be around most of the day so will be able to help out with any problems like people not showing up, etc.

Emcee: Volunteer(s) will be in Cozmic announcing the performers, reading their emcee cards, and making other announcements that come up during the day. It would be helpful if you can keep your eye on the clock and help us stay on schedule by either keeping announcements short or announcing breaks if we are 10 or more minutes ahead of schedule.

DJ: MEDGE will be hiring a DJ to be there all day, however they will need some breaks! Basically all you’ll have to do is put in a CD and press play! You will read the instructions on the CD for you and do your best to accommodate them, and make sure you have the correct music for the dancer by paying attention to who the emcee is announcing.

Door: In this position, volunteer(s) will be sitting at the door to welcome people, give information and make change. Cost for the festival is $6.00 all day. We will have a stamp for you to use for people who want re-admittance. There will also be MEDGE t-shirts available for sale that you will be in charge of. You will also have a list of all performers and volunteers so that they can check in and get a free stamp and t-shirt. Since this is the one position where you can’t really leave your post, Lila will try to either have two people there at all times or at the very least overlapping shifts so you’re only alone for half an hour at a time.

Raffle: Selling raffle tickets and keeping an eye on the raffle items and money.

Other positions: If you are interested in helping with checking people in for workshops or for being an all-around helper, please let Lindsey know – she would like to have someone who can go between the other volunteer stations and make sure everyone is doing okay – i.e. giving bathroom breaks, relaying messages from Cozmic to the dressing room and vice versa, and whatever other things come up.

Volunteer Compensation: Your hard work does not go unrewarded! In return for volunteering you get free admittance to the festival (check in with the door person to get your stamp) and we will enter your name into the raffle at the annual MEDGE potluck in January too!


Contact Lindsey Tandingan at 541-515-0079, or  email medgepc@gmail.com.  If volunteering, please let Lindsey know what position(s) you’re interested in, what time would work best for you (please give a two to three hour window at least), and any other info you think I should know. Performers – let Lindsey know what time windows work best for you. If you are taking workshops and/or dancing with multiple groups please let Lindsey know so she can schedule you around that. This is a first-come, first-served system, so the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to get the time you want! If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to let Lindsey know and she will do her best to help you out!