Workshop: Melaya Leff with Amani – 11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

AmaniFF10The Melaya Leff is a fun and flirty character dance depicting a young Egyptian woman using the “melaya,” a large black modesty garment wrapped around the body. In this style, the dancer portrays a young woman going out to the market feeling happy and demure yet coy and flirtatious. Amani has made numerous trips to Egypt to study dance and is pleased to present a melaya leff workshop focusing on the use of the melaya and complimentary combinations. The workshop includes a choreography, the song’s musical and lyrical explanation, historical background and theatrical expression of the dance, and appropriate costuming. This makes a wonderful addition to your belly dance repertoire. Please bring a melaya or large veil.

Amani started her professional belly dance career in Osaka, Japan where she performed at special events, festivals, restaurants and weddings. She made numerous television appearances and traveled throughout Japan bringing this beautiful art form to countless Japanese audiences.

In 1993 she began studying under Nashwa, an accomplished Egyptian dancer and teacher. She frequently travelled to Cairo, Egypt to study Raqs Sharqi (Oriental Dance) and folkloric dance with world-renowned instructors and choreographers Mahmoud Reda and Raqia Hassan. She also studied privately with world-famous dancers Dina, Aida Nour and Dandash. Her studies solidified a firm grounding in Egyptian-style belly dance and ignited a passion for Raqs al Sharqi that clearly shines through in her performances.

Amani performs regularly in Eugene and surrounding areas and is currently teaching private lessons. Contact Amani regarding performances and lessons at

11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m.:  Workshop held at Studio B, 189 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, OR.