Workshop: “Melaya Lovin’” with Janikea

Janikeaff093:30-5:00 p.m. – Workshop with Janikea

Come spend a day by the sea of Alexandria. We will dance to a popular song that tells the story of a respectable young Egyptian woman who lived by the sea of Alexandria, who used to wear the Malaya, a modesty wrap sometimes used as a prop in a dance invented by Mahmoud Reda in 1959.

In addition to the song and dance we will focus on topics regarding costume, styling, expression, interpretation and appropriate cultural context. (Any slightly stretchy fabric measuring 36″ x 3 yards will do. Some will be provided.

Janikea is a world class performing artist who specializes in Belly dance performance, instruction, and theme show productions. She draws upon an innate understanding of movement from her background since childhood in Polynesian dances (Hula Kahiko, Auana, Tahitian, and Samoan), as well as Hip Hop, Jazz, Yoga, and Kick Boxing. For over 13 years, Janikea has also studied and performed with many well known master musicians and dancer/instructors both locally and from around the globe. Janikea’s style is indicative of her knowledge and dedication to expanding her repertoire via continuing education in a multitude of dance genres.

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Workshop held at Studio B, 189 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, OR.