Cymbalism Workshop with Karim Nagi in Eugene

Event Details

Come learn from a master musician how Sagat (Egyptian) and Zills (Turkish), can add to a dancer’s dynamism and effect. Be transformed into a moving musician! This workshop is perfect for dancers who want to deepen their understanding of this musical instrument and how to incorporate it into their dance.

Karim will teach multiple sounds (Dum, Tak, Tik, Tok, Kish) to give the cymbals needed variety. He will teach ambidextrous technique, so the dancer can play, and Move, in left and right directions. Karim will also teach several famous rhythms, a dancer can use to communicate to a drummer or to their own students. Additionally, Karim will shows how to play with a melodic song, when to play a rhythm vs. accents, and when to stop or not play. Finally, he will show movement combinations, both stationary and traveling, while playing the cymbals.

Workshop fee is $45 for the 2-hour session. Email to register and arrange payment.