Alternative Night 2020


MEDGE fosters the appreciate and education of the culture and music of the Middle East. That being said, once a year we step outside of the box and explore our art using different genres of music. We call it Alternative Night and it’s tons of fun! This is the night where you could hear everything from country to heavy metal. You just won’t know until the show!

The annual MEDGE Alternative Night for 2020 will be held on Saturday 8 February 2020 featuring Candice.

Candice was a dancer at a young age. Rather than walk, she bounced to the music. She has an extensive background in a variety of styles of dance. She studied under different influences on her journey with dance. She began her studies at Jefferson High School. She was a member of Jefferson Dance Ensemble. Since the Summer of 1993, Candice has been involved in the belly dance community of Oregon. Paulette Rees-Denis was Candice’s first influence and instructor in bellydance. Her first performance in the Spring of 1994, she won first place beginners category in the Double Crown Belly Dance Competition. That same year, she competed and won first place in two categories, beginners and props for sword dancing at Belly Dancer USA. In 1994, Candice began her journey into folk dancing at the University of Oregon. Her appreciation for all of these styles of dance can be seen in her performance and felt through her personality. Candice is also a original performer for the Broadway Review at John Henrys.

In the Fall of 1996, Candice became a member of the Oregon Ethnic Dance Theater, a traveling folk dance company based out of the University of Oregon. She was also a member of Gnosis, and in 1996, she performed Greek and Thracian dances in the Gnosis Dance company. In 1997, she was involved and performing with Dance Africa, another dance company based out of the UofO.

Candice has performed at World Beat Festival in Salem, the Caravan stage at Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Holiday Market, Faerieworlds, Seattle Folklife Festival, Fundraisers, Eugene Celebration, Whitaker block party, Medieval reenactment festivals and various festivals in the Pacific Northwest.  She has coordinated two bellydance troupes Tribal Mayhem and Mem Aleph, and a student troupe which is based out of River Road Parks and Recreation. Her troupes have performed for the International Day of Dance celebration.

This is her 25th year dancing on the MEDGE stage.