Performance Guidelines

Formulated by the MEDGE Board of Directors, August 2015

The intention of this document is to outline procedural details that are not included in the MEDGE by-laws. Unlike by-laws, which can be changed only by a membership vote, standing rules can be changed by the Board of Directors as they identify the need. This is a living document and may be updated regularly.

Guidelines Outlined in Section VI of the Current MEDGE By-laws

· The Guild encourages dancers to use Middle Eastern as the standard for music, dance, and costume at all Guild performances.
· Prior to a first solo performance with MEDGE, dancers must establish performance readiness with either (a) a recommendation from a board member or a dance teacher known by board members, (b) by submitting a sample videotape to be reviewed by 2 or more board members, or (c) by informal live audition before board member(s).
· Non-guild members are allowed to perform at one regular monthly show per calendar year with prior approval. Guest dancers may perform in special shows by invitation of the MEDGE board of directors.
· Overt or explicit sexual content will not be tolerated.
· Intoxication by alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated.
· Activities that endanger the reputation, health or property of another Guild Member, Performance premises, or public will not be tolerated.
· The Guild will uphold appropriate costuming and appearance. Cover your costume with a caftan if in the audience, or any time you are not performing.
· Dancers under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
· Tipping in costume is not encouraged; if tips are received, they go into the Guild Treasury.
· Videotaping may take place only with the consent of the dancer.

SPECIAL NOTE:  In 2008, MEDGE members met regarding fusion and alternative music and dance with a mediator.  Please see the clarification summary from that meeting.

Additional Performance Guideline Standing Rules


  • Music must be appropriate and family friendly (no cursing/suggestive content/or racially explicit for example).
  • Music must be brought on a CD (1 CD per set) the day of the show. Alternatively a performer’s music can be sent via email to the Performance Coordinator two days prior to the show. Any other format of music (for example iPod, phone etc.) should be discussed with the Performance Coordinator before the day of the show.
  • MEDGE will host one show every calendar year that will have the focus on “Alternative” (or non-Middle Eastern) music. However, performers who would still like to perform to Middle Eastern music are welcome to do so. The “Alternative Dance Night” is to allow a forum where dancers can further explore music, costuming, and dance choices.
  • If requested, the Performance Coordinator can include one “Alternative” piece in each MEDGE show (outside of the fully “Alternative Dance Night” listed above) to add more variety to the show.
  • In keeping with the performance guidelines, we will keep Middle Eastern Dance as our focus. In essence, we may limit fusion and alternative music performances every month to have a more balanced show—so one genre of dance does not dominate the monthly venue. Fusion dances related to Middle Eastern dance are always welcomed at MEDGE shows.


  • Signing up to perform must be done by contacting the Performance Coordinator, or by signing up online when that option is available. Requests to dance will be accepted only after the first of the month for that specific show. The performers will be selected on a “first come-first serve” basis. In the event of a very “popular” show, priority will be given to MEDGE members over non-members.
  • Performances should be 8 minutes maximum for soloists, and 12 minutes maximum for troupes.
  • All MEDGE shows are advertised as “Family Friendly”. This does not mean “Child Friendly”. Parents will need to decide for themselves what that means to them and their children. This is not the MEDGE Board’s call.
  • Any special arrangements related to performances must be discussed in advance with the Performance Coordinator. Examples of this may be relating to their music, sound, need for microphones, special stage setup, or requested dance order for the show.
  • Student troupes are encouraged to perform on the MEDGE stage under the direction of their teacher. The group must be announced as a student troupe. The decision to perform with the student troupe is by the discretion of the teacher.


  • The Board reserves the right to cancel or interrupt a performance in case of inappropriate (costuming not covering strategic areas, or fitting malfunctions) costuming. Prior to any MEDGE show, if costuming appears to be questionable, the Board reserves the right to request a costuming alteration or may request a performance rescheduling.

Video Recording

  • The guild stage is generally a public venue and while we do encourage the audience members to get permission to record video of performances, MEDGE cannot police this. MEDGE may employ a videographer for some select shows and therefore require a release from the dancers/musicians so we can include a copy in our DVD library for membership rentals only-not for purchase. At any performance, if dancers would like a video made of their performance, they must set that up themselves.


  • The purpose of the audition is to establish that performers are prepared to perform within the guidelines set forth by MEDGE. It is a “safe” place for members to perform and get more experience. Our stage is not intended to be only a professional stage.
  • When the Board watches an audition, they will prepare feedback forms for dancers—including things that might need more attention for suggested improvement, items to work on for the future, and details that were well executed. This feedback is intended to be constructive and issued to the baby-dancer as an aid to benefit their performance experience.

MEDGE Regular Events

  • Spring Show (April): Unless specified otherwise, performers will submit a proposal to perform at the International Dance Day Gala Show in Spring by the predetermined due date in order to be considered. The Board of Directors will gather proposals and organize the show based on the submissions. In the event that there are few submissions, the Board will reserve the right to invite other performers with special requests for a specific type of dance to ensure variety in the show. The focus of this show is more ethnic and different cultural performances.
  • Fall Festival (October): Unless specified otherwise, the MEDGE Board of Directors will choose the performers for the Fall Festival Evening Gala show.
  • Live Music Shows: Performers will submit their name when MEDGE offers the opportunity to perform with live music. The name of the performers will be selected randomly from the list of submitted names. The selected performers will not be eligible to enter their names for the next following opportunity to dance with live music.
  • Student Show: The student show is open to all teachers and students in our area wishing to perform in a closed, recital-like setting. The audience is by student invitation only. This show is not open to the public. Proposals to perform in this show must be submitted to the Performance Coordinator by the required deadline to be considered.