The Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene maintains a library of DVDs, videos, books, magazines, clothing patterns, and CDs that are available to guild members. Books, magazines, and patterns may be borrowed without charge but please return them as others will want to use them. The borrower is responsible for replacing lost or damaged materials. See the catalogue below for a list of current titles. Funds for the purchase of new library materials are generated through the rental fees paid by members who borrow materials from the library. The MEDGE Library also accepts donations of books, magazines, DVDs, videos, and CDs that are relevant to the Guilds stated goals as an organization that fosters understanding and enjoyment of Middle Eastern music, dance, and culture (see MEDGE mission statement).

Rental Procedures and Agreement

The borrower agrees to:

1. Be a paid member of the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene.

2. Pay $3.00 per CD/DVD/VHS tape for the one-month rental period. New materials (first month after purchase) are rented for two weeks.

3. Leave your phone number with the librarian in case she or he needs to contact you.

4. Return borrowed materials on time or pay $3.00 per item in late charges.

5. Make sure the DVD is in its case before returning it. Rewind videotapes before returning them.

6. Use a VCR head cleaner before viewing library videotapes. One is available at no charge at the time of rental. The Library contains two HEAD CLEANING TAPES.

7. Pay a $5.00 repair fee the first time the borrower returns a DVD or videotape damaged during normal use.

8. Pay to replace any DVD, videotape or videotape head cleaner that is lost or damaged due to negligence (such as leaving it in a car on a hot day, etc.).

9. Report any damage to MEDGE Library materials immediately.

10. Contact the current librarian by phone or e-mail before stopping by.

Library Catalogue – DVDs and Videos: Materials are in alphabetical order based on the last name of the artist or the title of the DVD or videotape.

Performance and Documentary:

* Aisha Ali – Ali traveled around North Africa in the 1970s where she shot the footage in these two videos.

1. Dances of Egypt: Ghawazee dancing, Raks Assaya (cane), Tahtib (stick) and other men’s dances, raks sharqi and social dancing at Egyptian parties and weddings. Includes a raks sharqi performance by Ali herself. VHS tape.

2. Dances of North Africa: Moroccan Shikhat dancers, Moroccan line dances, Tunisian urn dance, scenes filmed at rehearsals of the national Tunisian folk troupe. VHS tape.

* Jamilla Al Wahid, Vol. 1 – Jamilla Al Wahid is a highly skilled and emotive dancer and a popular instructor at belly dance festivals across the country. She performs a number of choreographies in this video including an elegant raks sharqi, energetic sa’idi, and her version of “Amayagueña.” Jamilla embodies the music.

* Amayagueña – Amaya performs Spanish-inflected belly dance both in the studio and to live music in Germany. The studio performance features fan work. There are also clips of flamenco dancers in films and live performances. VHS tape.

* Arabian Nights, Vol. 2 – Stage and movie performances by Souhair Zaki, Nadia Hamdi, Souad Hosny, Fifi Abdou, Mon Ibrahim, Nelly, and others. VHS tape. Poor visual quality.

* Artemis Dances – Turkish folk and cabaret performances (studio and live) by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat. Includes a short segment of Romani girls dancing. VHS tape.

* Adam Basma – Well-known male Middle Eastern dancer/musician with his company. Also features the wonderful Fahtiem. VHS tape.

*Belly: Sensual, Scarred, Sacred – A feature length documentary about the lives of belly dancers by Cecilia and Chad Rinn. DVD

*Bellydance Superstars:

1. 2004 studio performances by Sonia, Ansuya, Tamalyn Dalal, Rania, Amar Gamal. Jillina, Rachel Bryce, Dondi, and Suhaila Salimpour. DVD.

2. Bellydance Superstars: Babelesque, live from Tokyo – Sonia, Jillina, Adoré, Sabah, Petite Jamila, Moria, Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, Samantha, Jayna, Cecilia, Stefanya, Lauren, Nathalie, and master percussionist Issam Houshan.

* BD-TV – An L.A.-based television show highlighting different belly dancers and BD events.

1. Vol. 1: Spotlight on Caroleena Nericcio. DVD.

2. Vol. 2: Spotlight on Ansuya. DVD.

* Best of Cabaret and Folkloric – Clips of Egyptian stage and screen performances by Najwa Fouad, Sohair Zaki, and others. VHS tape.

* Cairo Nights – Poor visual quality but still valuable tape of stage and movie performances in Cairo, Egypt. Performers not listed. VHS tape.

* Cairo Stars – Poor visual quality but still valuable tape of stage and movie performances. Nelly, Hayatim, Zizi and Soso, Mittgal and Halla, Nagwa Fouad, Mona El-Said. VHS tape.

* Eva Cernik’s Istanbul Nights – Turkish Nightclub dancing recorded in Turkey with live orchestra; some is raunchy, some good. VHS tape.

* Cocktail – 94 Belly Dance – performances by Lebanese and Egyptian dancers including a divinely “campy” performance by Dina. VHS tape.

* Cocktail Belly Dance Vol. 1 – performances by Lebanese and Egyptian dancers. VHS tape.

* Corvallis Belly Dance Performance Guild – the Corvallis Guild (fall 1999) presents Shahrazad of Germany in 5 separate solos! VHS tape.

*Tamalyn Dallal:

1. 40 Days & 1001 Nights: Dancing Across the Lines. A live belly dance concert featuring Tamalyn Dallal, Amar Gamal, Bellyqueen, Bozenka, and more! DVD

2. 40 Days & 1001 Nights: Seeing the world through the Eyes of a Dancer. A musical documentary film that takes the viewer through five different Islamic countries where Ms. Dallal lived for forty days each. Great viewing for the whole family. DVD

* Dances of the Seven Veils – Dances, comedy and skits performed by Eva Cernik, Diana, Rooshana, Shariffa, and Siovana accompanied by the Middle Eastern band Sherefé. VHS tape.

* Delilah: Energy of Delilah – MEDGE Spring Show at Actor’s Cabaret, Eugene with live music by Americanistan. VHS tape.

* Suzanna Del Veccio: Dances from the Heart, Vol. 1 – Suzanna performs two Raks Sharqi choreographies, a Standing Taxim, a Sword Dance, and a Veil Dance.

* Dunyah’s Dream Show – Oregon dancers in performance including Saqra, Inanna, Bene Sharez, Jeannie and more. VHS tape.

*Helene Eriksen – Under Persian Skies: Dances from the Iranian World. Azeri, Gilaki, Tadjiki, Herati, Bandari, and Qajari dances performed masterfully by dance scholar Helene Eriksen.

* Ibrahim Farrah Presents: Rare Glimpses – Invaluable discussion and presentation. Historic clips of Fatima, a Coney Island and World’s Fair dancer in 1883 as filmed in Edison ‘s studio. Clips of the Guedra danced in Morocco in 1950 and in Farrah’s New York Theatre presentation in 1994. Bedouins in Lebanon, 1971. Astonishing performance by Nadia Gamal in 1971.

* FatChanceBellyDance (all three are VHS tapes):

1. Live! A collection of FatChance live performances, including Caroleena’s “belly-fluttering” dance.

2. Tattoed One. Studio performance, nicely filmed. Live music, beautiful costumes. Early FatChance tribal style with more solos.

3. San Francisco Beledi. A theater performance by FatChance with live music by Helm.

* Festival on the Nile: Vol. X – Performances to live music played by Turkish musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek and others. Starring Dalia Carella. VHS tape.

* Fire at the Iao – Belly dance by Delilah and flamenco by Nikki Conti performed to live music by Sirocco on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. VHS tape.

* Nadia Gamal:

1. Performance with a live band in a Lebanese nightclub. Includes a long cane dance with extensive audience interaction. Nadia has personality! VHS tape.


2. Nadia Gamal: The Legend – The legendary Lebanese dancer performs with a live orchestra featuring acclaimed drummer Setrak Sarkissian. DVD.

* Gypsy Caravan: The Turning – Live performance that dramatizes the turning of the Wheel of Life with dance, music and song. VHS tape.

* Hahbi Ru:

1. Live. One of the well-known troupe’s Renaissance Fair performances to live music by Helm. Folkloric dance, sword, veil, drum solo, tray, and more. John Compton is a consummate entertainer! VHS tape.

2. Desert Wanderers. Studio performance to live music. Tray dance, folkloric, Tunisian jug dance, and more. VHS tape.

* International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED):

1. 1999 Awards for Belly Dance. Numerous performances including Sahra, Suzanna Del Veccio, Aziza, Jillina, Shahrazad, and many more. VHS tape.

2. This is Belly Dance! Performances by Ansuya, Sahra, Laurel Victoria Gray’s Silk Road Dance Company, and many more. VHS tape.

* Khaleegy Dances – Saudi dance performed live for television by Arab dancers and musicians. VHS tape.

* Latcho Drom: Bonne Route (Safe Journey) – Directed by Tony Gatlif, a Rom (Gypsy) director living and working in France. The film is a journey through the Romani diaspora. Beginning in India and following the Romani migration into Egypt, Turkey and various European countries, the movie focuses on the music, song and dance of the Roma. French subtitles (written translation included). VHS tape.

* Lebanon Dance Festival 1996 – Stage performances of Lebanese dancers. Good drum solo. Mostly cabaret with a short segment of Debke. Moderate video quality. VHS tape.

* MEDCA: Dancing with the Masters – Full-length 1995 show by Oregon dancers including MEDGE member Jeannie from Eugene. VHS tape.

* Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene (MEDGE) Performances:

VHS tapes:

– 1991 Unitarian Church
– Sept. 1993 Eugene Celebration
– March 1993 Unitarian Church
– May 1994 Unitarian Church
– June 1994 YMCA workshop
– Nov. 1994 Unitarian Church
– Jan. 1996 Actor’s Cabaret
– April 1997 Spring Show
– Sept. 1997 Fall Show with Aisha Ali
– May 1998 Actor’s Cabaret
– Oct. 1998 Agate Hall
– March 1999 Actor’s Cabaret
– Oct. 1999 Agate Hall with Saqra and Hasani
– March 2000 Hagen’s Place
– May 2000 Actor’s Cabaret
– Jan. 2001 University of Portland
– April 2001 Int’l Dance Day Show at Actor’s Cabaret with Rania (2 copies)
– April 2002 Int’l Dance Day Show at Agate Hall with Hadia (missing from library)


– Oct. 2006, Fall Festival Evening Show at Cozmic Pizza. 3 DVDs, Part I, II, & III.
– Oct. 2008, Fall Festival Evening Show at Cozmic Pizza. 2 DVDs, Part I & II.
– Nov. 2008, monthly show at Cozmic Pizza. 2 DVDs, Part I & II.
– Jan. 2009, monthly show at Cozmic Pizza, feat. Tamalyn Dallal. 2 copies.
– Oct. 2009, Fall Festival Evening Show at Cozmic Pizza. 2 DVDs, Part I & II.
– April 2010, International Dance Day Celebration with Karim Nagi at the WOW Hall. 2 copies.


* Moon Over Denver, Vol. 1: Pearl Moon – Early 90s full-length show with numerous dancers, including Eva Cernik and Suzanna Del Veccio. VHS tape.

* Morocco – Morocco and the Casbah Dance Experience. Well-known dancer and researcher from NYC and her company perform Middle Eastern and North African dance and music. VHS tape. Poor quality tape, but still viewable.

* New World Belly Dance – NWBD presents Eva Cernik (Oct. 1996). Includes two solos by Eva Cernik plus performances by Gypsy Caravan and others. VHS tape.

* Raks at the Royalty: Improv – A number of East Coast dancers, including Sevdiah, Fanina, and Natalie perform improvisational pieces at the Royalty Theatre in Clearwater, FL. Includes historical information. DVD.

* Sahra Saeeda – Filmed in 1994, an American dancer then based in Cairo takes the viewer on a tour of the city and presents her floorshow with a live band at a major hotel. Includes Egyptian men performing a Tahtyeb (stick dance), and the star performing a stylized Hagallah. Egyptian-style nightclub dancing. VHS tape. Videotape is of poor quality, but still viewable.

* Suhaila Salimpour:

1. Suhaila Unveiled – Older studio performances by Suhaila. VHS tape.

2. Suhaila Performance Ensemble – Suhaila and her dancers in studio performances featuring a fusion of modern and traditional movement. DVD.

* The Stars of Egypt – A seven tape set of historic movie clips of the great known and unknown “Golden Age” dancers of Egypt. Classic, old black and white movie footage.

Vol. 1: Naima Akef (two videotapes)
Vol. 2: Taheyya Karioka
Vol. 3: Samya Gamal (two videotapes)
Vol. 4: The Great Unknowns (two videotapes)

* Amel Tafsout in Performance – World-famous Algerian dancer and lecturer, Amel Tafsout, donated this DVD to the MEDGE Library. It includes a wonderful collection of her performances over the years, many to live music. Music and dance of the Maghreb.

Instructional and instructional with performance demonstration:

*Amaya – Star Power with Amaya. A good instructional DVD that focuses on performance tips, including use of stage space, and musical interpretation.

* Ansuya – Hot Combos with Ansuya. Exciting young dancer from Los Angeles teaches belly dance with fusion elements. Fluid and energetic with great isolations. VHS

* Atea – Bellydance: Magical Motion with Atea. VHS

*Aisha Azar – Fundamentals of Egyptian Belly Dance. Aisha is based in Spokane, WA and teaches Golden Era and contemporary Egyptian belly dance.

*Aziza – Vol. 1: Hands, Arms, and Poses. Released in 2010, this great instructional DVD features international superstar Aziza in warm-up, drills, combos, and performances.

* Horacio Cifuentes – Oriental Dance Techniques Vol.2. World-class dancer in warm up, practice and choreographed routine. Performances by Horatio and Nabila. Music by Reda Darwish. VHS

* Dahlena – Chicago-based dancer whose work has inspired many.

1. The American Dancer, Vol. I: Dahlena – Dance Styling for an Opening Number. VHS

2. Vol. II: Northern Illinois University class and performances. VHS

* Tamalyn Dallal:

1. Picture Yourself Bellydancing. Beginning belly dance with choreography. VHS

2. Veil Workshop at Celebration Belly Dance & Yoga in Eugene. January 2009. 2 copies. DVD

* Delilah – Legendary Seattle dancer shares her years of expertise. Includes performances.

1. Absolute Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah. VHS

2. Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop – Intermediate level instruction with performance segments.

Vol. 1 Warm up, slow hips, torso, arms and hands, zils. VHS
Vol. 2 Fast hips, rhythms: baladi, masmoudi, karsilama; veil. VHS
Vol. 3 Standing taqsims, basic and advanced floorwork, undulations, belly rolls (including Delilahs famous coin tricks!). VHS

* FatChanceBellyDance – American Tribal Style instruction and performance by its originators.

1. Tribal Basics Workshop I. Fundamentals of ATSBD with performance. VHS

2. Tribal Basics Workshop II. Make-up and costumes with performance. VHS

3. Tribal Basics Workshop III. Zils (finger cymbals). Demonstration of 5 basic patterns with performance. VHS

4. Tribal Basics, Vol. 5 – Cues & Transitions. DVD

5. Tribal Basics, Vol. 7 – Creative Steps & Combinations. DVD

* Kathryn Ferguson – Introduction to Belly Dance with Kathryn Ferguson. Award-winning instructional video. Warm-up, postures, shimmies, hands, arms, hips, undulations, zils, rhythms, dance dynamics, demonstrations, and costumes. VHS

*Nadia Gamal – Ibrahim Farrah presents: Nadia Gamal Dance Workshop. 1981 New York workshop with the fabulous, famous, and beloved Lebanese belly dancer, Nadia Gamal (1937-1990). DVD

* Gypsy Caravan – Tribal group from Portland, OR led by Paulette Rees-Denis.

1. Tribal Technique Vol. 1 – Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan of Portland in American Tribal Style instructional video and performance. VHS

* Hadia – Instructional videos by award-winning international artist based in Canada.

1. Raks Esharqui Vol. I. Part 1: warm up, isolations, shimmies; Part 2: basic beledi steps, combinations.

2. Raks Esharqui Vol. II. Part 1: figure 8’s, undulations, traveling, turns; Part 2: cane dance.

3. Raks Esharqui Vol. III. Part 1: Oriental rhythms with drum and zils. Masmoudi, maksoum, chiftetelli, khaleegy, beledi, saiidi, felahy, karsilama, malfouf; Part 2: full dance routine.

4. Raks Esharqui Vol. IV. IAMED award-winning choreography.

5. Raks Esharqui Vol. V. Fabulous Egyptian choreography and combinations.

6. Tunisian Instructional Vol. VI. Tunisian folkloric dance and costuming co-taught in English and French.

Note: Vol. I-III are filmed in French and dubbed in English. However, they are still great instructional videos. All volumes (1-6) are in VHS format.

* Jasmin Jahal – Reach for the Stars with Jasmin Jahal: Volume 1: Basic Belly Dance Movement and Warm-up Routine. Good instructional video by an internationally recognized performer/instructor with performance at the end. VHS

*Zoe Jakes & Issam Houshan – Tribal Drum Solo Choreography. DVD

* Jillina – Jillina’s Drum Solo Workshop – Clear and well-presented drum solo choreography by award-winning dancer from Southern CA. Includes performance. VHS

*Kassar – Fluid Precision: Contemporary Tribal Bellydance with Kassar. Warm up, isolations, combinations, demonstrations, practice, floor work, and performance by New York-based duo Karin Hein-Parks and Melanie Wood. Music by Pete List. DVD

* Marguerite – Spins and Turns with Marguerite. An IAMED produced video featuring clear instruction with performance demonstration. VHS. MISSING FROM LIBRARY!

* Mesmera:

1. Mesmera’s Garden. Winner of 1999 IAMED Instructional Video award. Combinations, layering, tempo changes, dynamic accents. VHS

2. Dance of the Serpent. Hip articulations, taqsim and more. Includes a very theatrical performance with multiple living snakes. VHS

*Karim Nagi – Rhythms of the Arab World, Vol. 1. Percussion instruction by the acclaimed classically trained musician and folkloric dancer, Karim Nagi of Egypt. DVD

*Nathalie – Beginner Bellydance, Level One. Posture and basic movements from the Argentina born belly dancer, Nathalie, who has opened for the Cirque du Soleil, and other acts. DVD

*Petite Jamila – Unveiled: Double Veil Instructional with Petite Jamila. DVD

* Mahmoud Reda – 1995 two-day seminar. Nice baladi choreography. Two VHS tapes.

* Suhaila Salimpour – Instruction with Jamila Salimpour’s daughter.

1. Egyptian Dance, Jamila format. Instructional and performance (poor quality VHS tape).

2. Advanced Choreography Drum Solo. Instructional and performance. VHS

*Secrets of the Stage – An excellent performance course series by San Francisco belly dancer, Michelle Joyce. DVD

1. Vol. 2: Professionalism. Restaurants vs. Stage Shows. Tips & Audience Participation.

2. Vol. 3: Dancing to Live Music. Your Professional Image. Creativity and Inspiration.

*Shoshanna – Fabulous Four-Yard Veils. A comprehensive guide to the captivating art of long veils in Oriental Dance by the fabulous Shoshanna of Arcata, CA. Technique, tips, combinations, and performance. Features the music of Eliyahu Sills and Qadim. DVD

*Sarah Skinner – Seven Veils: Romantic Bellydance. Belly dance and veil dance technique for the beginning dancer by costumer and performer, Sarah Skinner, of New York. Includes performance and costume-making tips. DVD

Suzanna Del Veccio – Very accomplished and well-known Colorado-based belly dancer.

1. Suzanna Del Veccio Presents: Precision Motion Workout. Excellent quality instructional and workout tape offering an hour of well-demonstrated and defined moves that are then incorporated into a 20-minute workout. VHS

2. Vol. 2: Dynamic Combinations. Builds on the material presented in the previous video. VHS

* Zweena – Three American-style belly dance performances by Oregon dancer Zweena. One dance is to live music by Raquy and the Cavemen.