Board Contacts

MEDGE Board of Directors, 2020

  • President:  Sabrina Toro,
  • Consultant: (vacant),
  • Secretary/Membership Organizer:  Cheryl Bertuccelli,
  • Treasurer:  Kathy Stroud,
  • Performance Coordinator:  Molly Renne,
  • Librarian: Donna Mittasch,
  • Publicity:  Rashena Jenkins,
  • Newsletter Editor: Mary Miglioretto,

Other Contacts

  • Webmaster:  John Alexander,

MEDGE Board Meetings

MEDGE executive board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month, 6:00-7:30pm in the Eugene Whole Foods Community Room.  MEDGE Board Meetings are an excellent way to have your voice heard, find out about upcoming events and become a more active member of Eugene’s Belly Dance Community! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.