The Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide a venue to foster performance, education, and enjoyment of Middle Eastern Dance and music here in Eugene, Oregon. The organization was founded in 1991, and now has a membership of more than 120 performers, musicians, students, and supporters of Middle Eastern music and dance.

We maintain a membership in the Lane Arts Council, and try to bring Middle Eastern dance and music into the public eye. The guild is open to any who share our vision of trying to educate and entertain with Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture. We have performers, musicians, artists, former dancers, and people who are “just fans” on our membership list.

MEDGE is organized and run by volunteers. Our board of directors is comprised of a group of seven elected officers. Board positions are open for re-election each year. The board is responsible for planning guild events for the year. The board also upholds standards of professional performance and costuming requirements for our major events.

MEDGE is a great organization for anyone who wants to get involved in Middle Eastern dance in Eugene, or anywhere around the state of Oregon. We publish a quarterly newsletter that tells of area events, sponsor workshops and shows with local and out-of-town performers, put on a yearly costume swap meet, have a rental library of performance and instructional videotapes, have lists of teachers in the areas, and we offer discounts to shows and workshops to our members.

Our group sponsors a monthly show for MEDGE performers Рand starting in May 2017, on the second Saturday of each month, at Whirled Pies Downtown (formerly Cozmic)*.  We sponsor a yearly event with workshops and a show for International Dance Day in April, a student recital in June, and a dance festival or workshop and show in the fall. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, Harrakat. For information on joining our guild, interested parties can write to MEDGE, P.O. Box 21, Eugene, OR 97440, or download the form. Membership is normally $20/year, however, in honor of our 30th anniversary membership is free throughout all of 2021.

*Special notice: Due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic all MEDGE shows have been suspended until further notice. If/when our shows return we will post updates here as well as on our social media pages. To stay up to date follow us on facebook or instagram. We hope to see you all soon!*