Idena Suzanne

idenasuzanneIdena Suzanne is a performer, choreographer, and instructor of Belly Dance from beautiful southern Oregon. She has a reputation for grace, warmth, moxie, and an ability to tell stories through her dance. Her smile is lively and her humor is apparent in her performances.

Idena Suzanne is a licensed Registered Nurse and is well educated in kinesiology (study of movement), posture and proper body mechanics.

As an instructor, she systematically introduces each movement in its most simple form. She gently adds variations that give each student a usable vocabulary of belly dance steps and combinations after a session. She is dedicated to teaching healthy dance habits that cause women to feel great during and after a dance class.

Idena loves being a woman, and finds belly dance the ultimate medium for expressing her feminine story! She has been a dancer and choreographer for multiple theater productions, and a member of Troupe Shalimar and Aiwa She Raqa of Ashland, Oregon. Asya was her first teacher (1995-1997) and since then she has enjoyed the privilege of studying with many of her dance heroes, notably the brilliant star Ayesha. As a soloist or with her Tasseled Camel or AODC sisters, she livens up many festivals and celebrations with her artistry and moxie. “It is an honor and a delight to be in the company of such excellent dancing friends and I look forward to many happy dancing seasons through proper body mechanics and passion for dance.”

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