Elena Villa


Elena Villa is an award-winning dancer who began performing as a young girl in the late 1970s. Known for her fiery elegance and musicality, Elena particularly relishes the excitement of working with live Middle Eastern music and collaborating with artists from other countries. Elena Villa dances in the American Oriental style which draws on Egyptian, Turkish, North African, Persian, and other ethnic influences. Her “music first” approach, with its attention to traditional rhythms, musical interpretation, and emotional expression has made her a popular instructor and performing artist.

Elena began formal training in Flamenco in 1991, and performs and teaches this art form, as well as her own brand of Arab-flamenco fusion. In addition to performing and teaching regular dance classes and workshops in belly dance, Spanish Arabic fusion, and flamenco, Elena is the Performance Coordinator and a Principal Dancer for the acclaimed Caravan Stage at the Oregon Country Fair. For more information on Elena Villa, classes, and workshops, please visit her website at: www.elenavilladanza.net.