Amani recently moved to Eugene after living in Osaka, Japan for more than ten years. She now teaches the Egyptian style of belly dancing in Eugene and continues to make frequent trips back to Japan to perform and teach. While living in Japan she taught and performed regularly at weddings, events and dinner shows and has also made various TV appearances. Her extensive dance training during her frequent trips in Egypt, where she studied Raks Sharqi with such well-known teachers as Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda, Aida Nour and Dina, can clearly be seen in her dancing and teaching style. She creates a unique and fulfilling experience for her students by incorporating Egyptian folkdance into her Raqs Sharki classes. She is also part of Zeina Dancers together with Amira (currently residing in Osaka, Japan). They perform together at events in Japan and the U.S. while also keeping busy with their costume business, Amrazhi Couture.

With a strong passion for the dance, Amani shares the joy of this art form with audience members and dance students alike.

Private lessons are available with Amani. Please contact her at or (541) 556-1917. For more information about Amani, please visit her website at