Amani: Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Amira Jade: Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Ana Gazelle: Middle Eastern Dance
Audralina: Fusion Style Belly Dance
Dona: Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Dunyah (Denise Gilbertson):  American Cabaret Style Belly Dance
Regina Anne: Fusion Belly Dance
Ruby McConnell: Contemporary, Fusion, and Tribal
Sabine and Tribalation: Tribal Style Belly Dance
Sarina:  Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
Souzana: Vintage American Oriental, Egyptian Raks Sharki, Theatrical and Fusion Belly Dance
Zahia Izzah: “Sassy” Egyptian Belly Dance


Antigone Cook: Tribal Style/Certified Gypsy Caravan Style Belly Dance


Elena: Classic Belly Dance, Flamenco, and Arab-flamenco Fusion

Southern Oregon:

Aisha Ahroosh: Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Idena Suzanne: Cabaret Belly Dance
Mezdulene: Divine Feminine Belly Dance

Oregon Coast:

Angelina: Cabaret Belly Dance