MEDGE show featuring Bonnie Baxter

Event Details

Bonnie Baxter is a tribal fusion belly dancer local to Eugene, Oregon. From Nashville, Tennessee, she moved to Eugene 4 years ago and is happy to have found such a wonderful bellydance community here!
She is a student of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements of Bellydance, having completed phases I & II in August of 2017. Training in Datura Style has made a huge impact on her dancing, and she intends to complete phases III & IV to become a Datura Style teacher.  She has also studied and performed with Sedona Soulfire, most recently in the Friday night fire show at the 50th Oregon Country Fair with Sedona, Arroh, Pearl, and Amira.
She regularly performs here at the MEDGE shows, and she just gave her first performance on the Jamballah stage in Portland this summer. 
Along with bellydance, she is a student of massage therapy. She is halfway through the program and on her way to becoming a licensed massage therapist. Her newfound knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology has informed and impacted her dance life. She hopes to merge the worlds of belly dance and body work by offering services tailored to dancers, as well as teaching dancers about anatomy and kinesiology.
She is passionate about performing, and her highest hope is to bring her audience into a joyful experience with her. 
On Sunday, September 15th, she will be teaching a workshop focused on being present in your dance, and on the stage. It is titled: { stage } P R E S E N C E – For more information on this workshop, please visit the event page here: