MEDGE Show – featuring Angela

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Angela has always been a lover of music and dance. She fell in love with ballet at a young age and started lessons in ballet and acrobatics at the age of 6.  She discovered mid-eastern dance in her teens taking a few lessons with Scylla Earls. She never forgot the wonderful music and movements from those lessons and finally while pregnant with her second child in 1981, a new teacher moved to Florence from California. This new teacher had learned from Jamila Salimpour and was a dancer with the troupe Baraka. She danced with a sword on her head! Well that was it. Angela was an enthusiastic student who practiced and performed as often as family and work would allow. Since then, Angela has won awards, hosted dance shows, organized dance festivals, started and administered a dance guild, and became a dance teacher. Angela’s teaching career started in 1997 with creative movement, ballet and mid- eastern dance for children and adults. Teaching is a joyful experience. You learn more about the art and from your students than you ever thought possible.

Angela enjoys designing and making all her costumes. The designing, gathering materials and putting together a beautiful sparkly costume is pure bliss!