MEDGE monthly show featuring Emilie Lauren

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Since the age of four, Emilie Lauren has been involved with dance and gymnastics.  She was a gymnast for seven years before moving on to classical ballet, which she continued to study in college.  She took her first belly dance class in high school and has been studying belly dance in its various forms ever since, including Tribal, American Cabaret, Turkish and Egyptian.  She has studied and performed in both the United States and Germany.  In addition to her dance training, Emilie is a certified barre and Pilates instructor.

Emilie draws on her ballet and gymnastics background to create her own elegant and athletic style of belly dance.  She is a sought after performer and choreographer in the Portland, Oregon belly dance community.  In addition to her solo work, Emilie was a founding member of the influential Znama Dance Company, and is a current member of the award-winning trio Raqs Ayana, and Ashley Lopez‘s Allegro Project.  She is the owner of Znama Studio where she teaches weekly classes and private lessons.