MEDGE Live Music show – featuring Ritim Egzotik

Event Details

Founded in 2010, Ritim Egzotik – Turkish for ‘Exotic Rhythm’ – brings the fascinating melodies and rhythms of ‘Golden Era’ Egyptian and Turkish music of the 20th century, blending traditional and modern instruments with rock and jazz influences, in the spirit of composers and musicians such as Ahmed Fouad Hassan and Omar Khorshid. Ritim Egzotik and the breathtaking dancer, Henna, are available for many types of performance settings, including acoustic, festival, concert, club, or private parties in the Pacific Northwest.
Featuring:  David Reihs – creator and musical director, Arabic keyboards and accordion, Egyptian/Turkish percussion, elektro saz, oud.  Sean Daly – Arabic fretted bass and guitar.  Jason Ramirez – Egyptian Tabla/Turkish Darbuka drum.