International Dance Gala

Event Details

Presented by Lane Community College Dance Program & City of Eugene Cultural Services

As a finale for the City of Eugene’s first National Dance Week and in celebration of International Dance Day, we are proud to present the first annual International Dance Gala.

The International Dance Gala celebrates the best of Eugene’s world dance performers, presenting dances from diverse cultures including Balinese, Cuban, Hawaiian, African, Spanish, Indian, Middle Eastern and Native American. Leaders in Eugene’s world dance community committed to preserving and sharing dance of traditional cultures including Bonnie Simoa, Florabelle Moses, Akiko Colton, Michael Moloi, Martita, Priya Carden, Souzana and Darin Henry have all contributed dances for this extraordinary event.

The audience will travel across the globe, visiting continents and islands to get a taste of the cultures, and experience the dances of these rich traditions. Visual images and text will guide the audience through and experience that illuminates the beauty of the culture and the dances of their people.

Everyone is encouraged to come in traditional dress from your homeland, or favorite country.