Board Contacts

MEDGE Board of Directors, 2019

  • President:  Ann Shaffer,
  • Consultant:  Chryss Allaback,
  • Secretary/Membership Organizer:  Molly Renne,
  • Treasurer:  Kathy Stroud,
  • Performance Coordinators:  Chelsea Ashcraft & Veronica Sims (split vote),
  • Librarian: Sabrina Toro,
  • Publicity:  Bonnie Baxter,
  • Webmaster:  Cheri Smith & Dan Straub (split vote),
  • Newsletter Editor:  Idena Souzanne Schroeder,

MEDGE Board Meetings

Day, time, and location to be announced.  MEDGE Board Meetings are an excellent way to have your voice heard, find out about upcoming events and become a more active member of Eugene’s Belly Dance Community! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.