SPECIAL NOTE: In 2008, MEDGE members met regarding fusion and alternative music and dance with a mediator.  Please see the clarification summary from that meeting.

Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene (MEDGE)

By-laws 2017

    1. GOAL

      The goal of the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene is to provide a venue and foster performance, education, understanding, and enjoyment of Middle Eastern Dance and Music.


      Membership is open to all who share in the vision stated above. Naturally, members represent the goals to the public at large. Willful misrepresentation in demeanor, appearance, or behavior, or disregard of Guild guidelines may be cause for corrective action initiated by the Board of Directors.


      The Board of Directors shall be responsible for filling any vacancies on the Board should they occur throughout the year. Should a vacancy occur, the Board of Directors may elect a volunteer MEDGE member to the position by a board majority vote. If a position on the Board is shared by two or more people, they will also share that one collective vote. If more than one position on the Board is filled by one person, that person will have one vote.

      President:  Oversees all Guild functions, presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors, prepares the agenda for meetings of the Board of Directors and Annual meeting, signs contracts or other instruments which the Board of Directors has authorized to be executed, appoints all board committees, temporary and permanent, and shall perform all duties to the office of the President and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors from time to time.

      Consultant to President:  Assists and advises the President and coordinates auditions. In the absence of the President, or in event of their inability to perform their duties, the Consultant shall perform the duties of the President and, when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all restriction s upon the President.

      Treasurer:  Receives all moneys generated by the Guild and places it in the Guild account. Keeps an accurate record of income, expenditures, and receipts. Presents a written financial statement at each Board Meeting as well as an annual audit at the end of the year. Files appropriate tax records.

      Newsletter Editor:  Composes, prints, and mails the Guild Quarterly Newsletter.

      Secretary/Membership Organizer:  Performs all duties of the office of Secretary and such other duties as, from time to time, may be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors, including: recording minutes of Board meetings, maintaining Guild membership records and membership listing, sharing membership information with the Web-Mistress/Master as needed, and sending out membership renewal notices.

      Web-Mistress/Master: Responsible for maintenance of the website. Keeps forms, contact information, events and other links up to date. Assists Publicity and the Newsletter Editor in getting information out to members via e-mail.

      Librarian: Houses the Guild Library and maintains the inventory. Makes recommendations on new acquisitions. Money collected from video rentals is kept in a separate fund for repairs, replacements, and purchases. Collects late fees and fines for damaged material. Maintains a current list of inventory available and presents a written financial statement at each Board Meeting as well as annual audit at the end of the year. Prepares annual listing of Library inventory at the end of the year.

      Performance Coordinator: Responsible for organizing the Monthly dance forum. Takes reservations for dance spaces and actively encourages guest performers. Oversees and helps with production. Arrives one-hour prior to performance and makes sure that the functions of Backstage Manager, Set-up, Lights, Cashier, MC, and Takedown are covered. Orients new dancers and guests who perform at Guild events.

      Publicity: Creates flyers and posters of monthly and special Guild events. Submits calendar items to local entertainment calendars, could recruit volunteers to help distribute.

      All Major decisions concerning the activities and direction of the Guild will be arrived at by a consensus of the entire board of directors and voted upon. In the case of a tie vote, the President, the Consultant, and the Treasurer will act as a collective presidency to vote and break the tie. Therefore, no unilateral decisions can be made by one member.

      All the members of the Board of Directors are responsible for carrying out their functions and the activities of the Guild.  The Board meets monthly, or as needed.  Board Meetings are open to all Guild Members. Board Member positions are voluntary. In return for their service, Board Members will receive a free or discounted workshop at a MEDGE sponsored event, plus a free MEDGE membership renewal for the year(s) that they serve on the board.

      There will be an all-membership meeting called the “State of MEDGE Report” held sometime in Spring/Summer of each year. The purpose of this meeting is to notify members of the annual plans and the financial status of MEDGE.


      Annual Elections—There will be annual elections for all Guild Board of Director positions. A call for nominations will be published in the Guild Newsletter and Ballots will be mailed to all Guild Members.

      Running for Office—For a Guild Member to run for or hold office, said member must be in good standing and have been a Guild Member for 6 months prior to the election.

      Voting by Mail and Electronically—Voting will take place by mail and electronically via For a ballot to be counted, it must be postmarked or received electronically via by the last day of the month preceding the ballot count. Decision of the Election is by simple majority. Ties are broken by a vote of the Collective Presidency.

      Election Cut-Off Date—For a Guild Member to participate in the annual election, voters must be a Guild member prior to the month of the election.

      Results and Installation of Officers—Announcement of results will take place at the end of the year. New Board Members will assume their functions at the start of the year.


      —Grievance Procedure Presented by letter/email—Any grievance should be presented by written or electronic letter to the Board of Directors. The correspondence should clearly indicate the nature and circumstances of the grievance and also what steps have been taken to informally solve the problem.

      Special Board Meeting—will be called to resolve the grievance.


      • The Guild encourages dancers to use Middle Eastern as the standard for music, dance, and costume at all Guild performances.
      • Prior to a first solo performance with MEDGE, dancers must establish performance readiness with either (a) a recommendation from a board member or a dance teacher known by board members, (b) by submitting a sample videotape to be reviewed by 2 or more board members, or (c) by informal live audition before board member(s).
      • Non-guild members are allowed to perform at one regular monthly show per calendar year with prior approval. Guest dancers may perform in special shows by invitation of the MEDGE board of directors.
      • Overt or explicit sexual content will not be tolerated.
      • Intoxication by alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated.
      • Activities that endanger the reputation, health or property of another Guild Member, Performance premises, or public will not be tolerated.
      • The Guild will uphold appropriate costuming and appearance. Cover your costume with a caftan if in the audience, or any time you are not performing.
      • Dancers under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
      • Tipping in costume is not encouraged; if tips are received, they go into the Guild Treasury.
      • Videotaping may take place only with the consent of the dancer. 

      Revised by Board of Directors—By-laws are reviewed annually and revised, if necessary

      Guild Members—Vote on proposed changes

      Notification—Guild Members are notified of any approved changes to the By-laws.