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  • MEDGE's Third Friday Show - featuring Amira Jade – Mar 17, 2017

    amirajadebwAmira Jade is a believer in the magical power of dance, and its historical role in rebellious expression brings her continual delight and inspiration. Initially pursuing bellydance as a means to heal from her C-section, Amira Jade’s love affair with this dance form began with her first class with Dona in Eugene. As a musician and former ballerina, she was intrigued by the complexities of Middle Eastern music and dance. After dancing with old school/folkloric troupe An Noor for 2 years, Amira Jade shifted her energy to personal growth via solo studies and competition, studying with Claudia, Shining, and her dance mentor, Razia Star. With her folkloric dance background, Amira Jade is particularly drawn to Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Belady Style bellydance. Along these lines, she discovered her true love in 2016: Shamadan! It has been an obsession of hers ever since. An award-winning dancer, Amira Jade can be found regularly performing through the Pacific Northwest with live bands such as Americanistan, Ritim Egzotik, Arabesque and MB Orchestra. When not dancing, Amira Jade can be found slinging coffee at her local coffee shop, mom-ing her 7-year-old, playing flute or geeking out on anything sci-fi, coffee or dance-related.

MEDGE monthly shows are held at Whirled Pies@Cozmic, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene, Oregon and are always family friendly. Our show starts at 8:30pm, and is only $5 admission. Come on down and enjoy an evening of dance with live music jam before and after (8pm & 10:30pm)!


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